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. . . I was first introduced to the Labyrinth several years ago at a woman’s retreat I was attending.  The walk was very relaxing, but my mind was going about 100 miles per hour.  The next time I walked it, I was able to walk it slower and my mind was much more calm.  Somehow, the Labyrinth “hooked” me in that experience. I began to see this was something I desperately needed in my life.  My job was very stressful and walking the Labyrinth helped with that stress.  The more I walked the calmer I became.  

Eventually, a fellow Labyrinth walker introduced me to Norma Stark, a Labyrinth facilitator in Perrysburg, Ohio.  Norma led us on Labyrinth walk of 13 Labyrinths in the Toledo area.  What a day, and what a woman!

Norma died in 2011, shortly after being diagnosed with cancer.  My heart was broken, but I wanted to carry on her labyrinth work in some way.  I joined the Board of Directors of the Norma Stark Memory Garden and Labyrinth. Although the other board members knew much more about Norma’s garden, I was the only one who knew anything about the Labyrinth.  And so my Labyrinth work began.

As I searched out other resources in my home town of Saline,  I found there were actually three labyrinths here, and I found other labyrinth walkers.  Through one connection, I joined the Michigan Holistic Nursing Association, a great venue for more labyrinth work!  

Eventually, I purchased a new canvas labyrinth from Paxworks, and will use it with my labyrinth work as a Certified Labyrinth Facilitator. I especially love sharing the Labyrinth with those who have never walked it.  It is such a great tool for meditation, grief and loss, healing, and spiritual renewal

Nancy Rhodes ...

Facilitator Name: Nancy Rhodes

Residence: Saline, Michigan

Home Labyrinth:

     24‘  7-circuit Humble Essence Labyrinth

Facilitating since: 2011

Year trained: 2011, Veriditas

Year Certified:  2011, Veriditas

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