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David's Labyrinth at Indianapolis, Indiana

Located just south of the Riley Hospital For Children at IU Health North campus...

... David’s Labyrinth was given in memorial by friends and family of David Zoll, in order to celebrate his remarkable life, wisdom and joy. The labyrinth was designed by John Ridder of Paxworks and installed September 8-10, 2009.

David’s Labyrinth rests in a garden-like setting, between a large pond and hospital parking. A large pond fountain provides a nice soundscape of white noise, while the many wind chimes placed in surrounding trees provide occasional tones of pleasant focus and possibility.

There is plenty of parking nearby and while the high visibility area provides for a secure sense for those using the labyrinth, the placement on the outer edge of the parking lot, and away from the hospital building also offers a quiet space for reflection, meditation, prayer and more.

This labyrinth area truly is a beautiful space, and a fitting, living, memorial to David Zoll, continuing to serve those in need.

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