Veriditas Advanced-Certified Labyrinth Facilitator

. . . began her journey into labyrinth work through consecutive academic programs focusing on Psychology and then Fine Arts. The combined result from her two earned degrees in these areas fostered an artistic ability to work with symbolism, metaphor and the feminine archetype.

During a vacation in 2006 when Jessica was also struggling with medical issues, she walked her first labyrinth in southern Utah, beginning to make connections between the effectual empowerment of labyrinths as tools to facilitate healing, growth, and insight.

After several years of experience, training, certification, and leadership work -- Jessica is now using canvas labyrinths and handheld labyrinth boards in a therapeutic context with cancer patients, caregivers, and hospital staff. She also works with youth in addiction-recovery programs and within her wider community.  

Primarily, this work focuses on cultivating mindfulness and self-compassion, while simultaneously calming the nervous system and facilitating abilities to self-regulate stress. Her labyrinth work has facilitated significant benefit in the lives of those living with the effects of trauma and deep emotional pain.

In her art studio, Jessica is currently creating a body of work inspired by the 11-circuit Chartres Labyrinth. It is an endeavor weaving together the fulfilling threads of her therapeutic work, artistic talents, and love for symbolic metaphor.

Facilitator Name: Jessica Armstrong

Residence: Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Home Labyrinth: 42'  11-Circuit Chartres (portable canvas)

Facilitating since: 2006

Year trained: 2006, Veriditas

Year certified: 2007, Facilitator Certification, Veriditas

                         2018, Advanced Certification, Veriditas  

Current Position:

     Labyrinth Facilitator at Valley View Hospital


            Calaway-Young Cancer Center


    • teaching labyrinth meditation as an integrated

        medicine modality, supporting cancer patients,

        their caregivers, cancer survivors and hospital staff

    • integrating labyrinth work with grief counseling,

        and in-patient addiction recovery program

        for youth

    • Retreat-leader for women, combining yoga,

        labyrinth construction and

        group labyrinth walks

Organizational Activity:

     The Labyrinth Society, member

     Labyrinth Network NW

Favorite Labyrinth Links:


                 The Labyrinth Society

                  Labyrinth Locator

                  Jill Geoffrion

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