Veriditas-Certified Labyrinth Facilitator

. . .  After facilitating workshops for more than 15 years, I am as thrilled as ever to continue offering innovative, exciting and life transforming events.

In 2000 as a UCLA graduate with a degree in Environmental Studies, I founded the non-profit organization Sustainable Works in Santa Monica, CA. where I helped 1000’s of residents, college students and businesses reduce their environmental impact.

In 2003 I took an Artist’s Way Workshop with my best friend Holly, something inside awoke. I realized that I was not following my true path, so I decided to leave the company I founded and loved so that I could live a life I loved. The Artist’s Way Workshop inspired me in unanticipated ways and motivated me to sing again (I had been a shadow artist for 20 years). I also began to construct mixed media art, write, and allow myself to pursue my passions.

The transformation I experienced encouraged me to meld my ability to facilitate workshops with my love for self-expression and motivating change in others. I founded Artist’s Way South Bay, which is now Art and Soul Lab.

Today, I continue to inspire people to take actions that improve their life and the world around them, by helping them to discover, listen to and trust their inner wisdom. I use labyrinths as a modality to help people hear their personal guidance.

Facilitator Name: Chantel Zimmerman

Residence: Los Angeles, California

Facilitating since: 2009

Year trained: 2009, Veriditas

Year certified: 2011, Facilitator Certification, Veriditas

Current Position:

     Western Regional Representative for Veriditas


    • general labyrinth work and facilitations

    • research with military veterans using the labyrinth

Chantel's Website:

     Art And Soul Lab

Favorite Labyrinth Links:


                  The Labyrinth Society

                  Labyrinth Locator

contact email: CLICK HERE

Chantel Zimmerman...

Training and Qualifications:

     • 15+ years of workshop facilitation and coaching

     • 2 years of Artist's Way Workshop training with

          Kelly Morgan of Creative Life.

     • Certified Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, trained

          by Veriditas founder, Lauren Artress.

     • Soul Collage® Facilitator, trained by the creator of

          Soul Collage®, Seena Frost.