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The Labyrinth at

St. Francis-In-The-Valley Episcopal Church

Green Valley, Arizona

... this seven-circuit Chartres-style labyrinth is located just beside a paved church parking lot. Most of the closest parking spaces are located in shade beneath either trees or a large solar panel installation. While you are greeted at the labyrinth area by a pamphlet container mounted on a post, the actual entrance to the labyrinth is located on the opposite side from where you enter into the space. There are a couple shaded benches nearby for preparation, rest and contemplation. Within this lovely setting you will also find an attractive altar-like pet ossuary, a prayerful memorial to the lives of our more-than-human companions.

During your walk, you might discover yourself sharing the garden-like space with hummingbirds, roadrunners, possibly even a small Sonoran lizard or two. Bird-song will be your companion. And, there are enough trees to offer a bit of shade along the way.

Just beyond the labyrinth is a main road through the community of Green Valley, but a lower speed-limit and landscaping around the labyrinth help keep traffic noise to a minimum.

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