Veriditas - Certified Advanced Facilitator

. . . the author of In A Moment's Notice: A Psychologist's Journey With Breast Cancer, discovered her passion for labyrinths while battling breast cancer many years ago.

In 2013, Dr. Dilley, driven by her love and connection with labyrinths, was compelled to complete her formal training with Dr. Lauren Artress, founder and director of Veriditas. This training has allowed Dr. Dilley to expand her Labyrinth work, especially for those walkers making their first time connections and also avid labyrinth lovers looking to expand their creativity and spiritual awakening. Dr. Dilley then completed Advanced Facilitator training and certification with Dr. Artress in 2015.

Dr. Dilley’s work as a psychologist has led her to create several unique Labyrinth Workshops, including:   

Discover the Your Inner Wizard


Re-Discover the Compassionate Mother Within

Your Inner Wizard is unique spin on a classic trip down the yellow brick road. Along the way, participants make friends with their scarecrow, tin man, and cowardly lion.  

Re-Discover the Compassionate Mother Within, helps participants reconnect with their spiritual self through a day filled with experiential exercises around Mother Earth, Persephone-Demeter, and Mary the Mother of Jesus.  Participants of the Re-Discover the Compassionate Mother Within explore stories of power and heartache through art, imagery, and walking to the heart of the Mother.

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Dr. Robin B. Dilley, Ph.D., ...

Facilitator Name: Dr. Robin B. Dilley, Ph.D.

Residence: Phoenix, Arizona

Facilitating since: 2011

Year trained: 2013 & 2015, Veriditas

Year Certified: 2013 & 2015, Veriditas

Current Affiliations:

     Veriditas-Certified Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator

     The Labyrinth Society member

Of Special Interest:

     Blending spirituality with psychological

     empowerment as a vehicle to support

     participants on their personal journey.  

Favorite Labyrinth Links:


     The Labyrinth Society

     Well-Fed Spirit Labyrinth Resources

     North-American Virtual Labyrinth Map

     Worldwide Labyrinth Locator

Organizational Activity:

     In A Moment's Notice (Facebook)

     Psychotherapy Unlimited: Dr. Robin Dilley

     Twenty Minute Coach

     In A Moment's Notice: A Psychologist's

          Journey with Breast Cancer (book)

contact email: CLICK HERE